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Camelbak MULE NV 2009

Encontrei um dos poucos reviews que existem na net sobre esta maravilhosa mochila de hidratação que quando chegar ca ao nosso cantinho a beira mar plantado ....... sai uma para mim!

The CamelBak MULE NV will be released in the Spring of 2009. National Outdoors was fortunate to be able to test out the pack prior to the official launch. The MULE NV provides a new ventilation system to the popular MULE hydration backpack. We tested the pack on number of hiking and mountain biking outings, and were very pleased with the ventilation system and added performance it gives to the traditional MULE backpack. The MULE NV comes with a 100 oz. hydration bladder.

The portion of the MULE NV that rides on your back is actually a zipper pocket, constructed of a durable mesh fabric. A removable plastic and foam insert slides into the pocket. This system keeps a one inch space between your back and the backpack, allowing for much needed air circulation.

The pivots on the shoulder straps dampen the movement of the pack. As you can see from the picture, the rear and front of the pack can move independently. This provides a much smoother ride for the cargo in the pack, therefore providing you greater comfort.

This picture of the CamelBack Mule NV shows the capacity of the expandable cinch pocket. When not in use, you can cinch the pocket tight to the pack. We really liked this feature, because you get lots of storage, without carry the extra weight. Also you can see the bladder pocket and the inside of the rear storage pocket.


Yes the vents do work. It's not a gimmick. You can feel air moving around your pack when your riding downhill. The ventilation system gives a inch space for air to circulate, so when your hiking or biking uphill there is air flow to limit the amount of perspiration that builds up on your back.

The MULE NV also rides much better on your back. The insert provides a stability to the pack that is not present in current MULE offering. You don't get the sloshing around of the water bladder and the side-to-side movement of the pack with the MULE NV.

The fleece lined MP3 pocket is also a bonus. You can store your MP3 player and cell phone in the pocket. It's nice to be able to quickly locate your phone instead of fumbling through you pack to find it when you're getting a call.


When the pack is loaded (not even to capacity) it's a bit tricky to push the full hydration bladder into the pack. The zippered bladder pocket makes this much easier that earlier CamelBak versions but the problem still exists.


UPDATE: The MULE NV also has a pull-out raincover.


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